• Lavender blooms in Shandong mountains


    When Cheng Shaohua, a businessman from Taiwan, joined hands with a company in Weifang, Shandong province, on a project in a mountainous part of the city in 2014, they aimed to develop it into an area focusing on the agricultural industry, the rural environment and farmers.

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    Member envoys praise business environment in Jinan


    A group of envoys from Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia member countries visited some key business areas in Jinan during the 2021 CICA Finance Summit on April 16.

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    A bite of Confucius family cuisine


    ​Confucius family cuisine consists of a variety of dishes that were initially prepared to entertain ancient China's emperors and distinguished guests when they visited the home of Confucius.

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    Shouguang events display new developments in agriculture


    The 22nd China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Sci-Tech Fair and the 2021 China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Seed Industry Expo kicked off on April 20 in Shouguang, one of China's major vegetable production bases in Shandong province.