Province's financial security boosted by Qilu Bank's measures

(| Updated : 2023-11-13

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Qilu Bank. [Photo/Sipa]

In response to the national strategy to strengthen cybersecurity, Qilu Bank, a listed financial institution based in Jinan, Shandong province, has enhanced its network security control capabilities by various measures, contributing to a trustworthy financial order in Shandong.

Having assistance from a professional network security team and being closely aligned with the actual practice of digital technology, Qilu Bank has actively explored the construction of a network security system and network security risk intelligence center. It has taken multiple measures to enhance network security risk monitoring technologies and has achieved significant results.

As a result of the rapid financial digital transformation, financial networks are facing increasingly complex threats. Therefore, financial institutions are accelerating their network security construction. As the first local stock-holding commercial bank in Shandong province, Qilu Bank has played a model role, especially in terms of digital transformation and empowering the real economy. In the process of implementing various financial tools, strong network security guarantees are significant.

Since 2019, Qilu Bank has gradually established a network security team composed of staff members in network security construction, operation, development, and management through internal training, social recruitment, and other methods.

Intending to cultivate a young-generation network security team and improve their professional skills, Qilu Bank has launched measures from multiple dimensions.

It strengthens the leadership of the Party organization and conducts special education and training in ideological and political, financial compliance, and regulatory requirements. The bank carried out professional technical training courses, covering the latest industry technology and tools, combining theory and practice to help team members quickly grasp concepts and related technical principles.

It established a work and learning mechanism for the security team, adopted score-based assessment measures, organized regular collective learning and individual self-learning and launched various forms of network security competitions.

Moreover, by frequently organizing concentrated discussions and case analysis team activities, team members can explore various technical solutions through communication and conduct retrospective simulations. At the same time, it promotes the full participation of team members in the construction of application systems, helping the application of theory in practical work.

In terms of talent cultivation, the bank strengthens cooperation and communication with network security experts, peers, and professional technical laboratories in various fields. It has been making good use of external training resources, allowing team members to have close information exchanges and listen to technical guidance from experts.

In addition, Qilu Bank's network security team also tailored individual growth plans based on members' technical strengths, continuously expanding their technical horizons and knowledge areas.

Regarding the construction of the network security system and network security risk intelligence center, Qilu Bank has optimized network security operation mechanisms, providing solid support for the healthy and stable operation of financial services.

In addition, Qilu Bank takes network security operation risks as a lesson, pays close attention to the real concerns in digital transformation and information technology construction, and takes multiple measures to enhance network security risk monitoring technologies.

In early 2022, Qilu Bank established a network security intelligent monitoring platform that covers key service windows. It established a comprehensive network risk monitoring system. Through the establishment of a mechanism for network security risk monitoring and early warning orders, it achieved closed-loop management from discovery, and early warning, to disposal of network security incidents.

In 2020, Qilu Bank's security team participated in the network security competition organized by the Jinan cyberspace administration for the first time. In the same year, they participated in the Shandong Taishan Cup network security competition. They have participated in these two major events for four consecutive years and have achieved significant awards.

Qilu Bank said that its security team will continue to improve its service in the Shandong region and actively fulfill network security responsibilities, providing solid support for the bank's digital transformation and the high-quality development of financial services.