Dongying firm leads solar module manufacturing

(| Updated : 2024-03-21

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Workers on a photovoltaic module production line at Dongying Dahai Kelin Optoelectronics Co Ltd. [Photo provided to]

Within the immaculate dust-free production facility of Dongying Dahai Kelin Optoelectronics Co Ltd in the city of Dongying, Shandong province, a symphony of automation is unfolding. Robotic arms dance with precision and machinery hums with energy. Through a meticulous series of processes, including laser cutting, welding, and lamination, high-efficiency silicon photovoltaic (PV) modules emerge, ready to power the world.

As a leading manufacturer of solar modules, Dongying Dahai Kelin Optoelectronics has consistently innovated to meet the diverse needs of its global clients. Its unwavering commitment to research and development has resulted in a range of cutting-edge PV modules, propelling the company's expansion into overseas markets such as Japan, the United States, Germany, Romania, and beyond. According to Zhang Chunhong, the director of the production department, export orders account for 75 percent of the company's total orders, with a recent German order taking the lead.

Over the past two years, exports have surged as a pivotal growth engine for the company. With the support of the local government, the company has actively participated in international trade exhibitions, diligently cultivating new markets abroad. This remarkable growth in overseas orders is inextricably linked to its strong focus on product competitiveness. While innovation remains a cornerstone of the company's success, intelligent manufacturing plays an equally crucial role.

By introducing an MES manufacturing system in its solar cell component workshop, the company has established a robust industrial communication network, enabling comprehensive product lifecycle management, material traceability, and error correction. As a result, the company has witnessed a 20 percent reduction in product defect rates and a 30 percent surge in production efficiency.

Diversifying from its traditional focus on crude oil imports and tire exports, Dongying's Guangrao county has embraced a broader range of import-export activities. The county is currently home to 253 companies engaged in import-export activities, with 34 surpassing 100 million yuan ($13.89 million) in exports. New export categories in the county, known as the so-called "new trio" — electric passenger cars, lithium-ion batteries, and solar cells — have exceeded 60 million yuan over the past year.