Jining advances with high-quality industrial revamp

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-07-03

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Jining has been making significant strides in high-quality economic development, with 44 signed contract projects exceeding 1 billion yuan ($137.53 million) and the launch of 144 new projects from January to April.


Cisen Pharmaceutical Co Ltd in Jining establishes a lab improving clinical capabilities in critical care. [Photo/Iqilu website]

The city's industrial sector, long the bedrock of its prosperity, encompasses 38 of the 41 major industries in the national economy, including national-level bases for construction machinery, biomedicine, textiles and garments, and special-purpose vehicles.


A photo showcasing the manufacturing machinery of Shandong Heavy Industry Group in Jining. [Photo/Iqilu website]

Manufacturing in Jining is evolving into an advantageous industry, marked by its large scale, comprehensive categories, solid foundation, and innovative momentum. The city is actively fostering advanced manufacturing clusters in sectors such as high-end equipment, new generation information technology, new energy, new materials, medicine, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

Notable projects, including Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd's (CATL) photovoltaic base, Komatsu's global intelligent manufacturing, Shandong Heavy Industry Group's large-scale mining equipment intelligent manufacturing, and GWM Energy engineering machinery, have been confirmed and will set up operations in the city.


CATL's large national photovoltaic base located in Jining, Shandong. [Photo/Iqilu website]

Jining's digital economy is on an upward trajectory, with a focus on the development of digital infrastructure. The city has earned national recognition as a gigabit city and a national information consumption demonstration city, witnessing a 17.5 percent increase in core digital industry revenue.

In 2024, over 1,000 key technological transformation projects have been initiated, aiming to expedite the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional industries like papermaking, rubber, food processing, and textiles and garments.

The city is also ramping up efforts to break new ground in emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, rare earth and carbon materials, and machine tools.