Changyu celebrates product launch in Indonesia

(| Updated : 2024-04-29

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Changyu wine shines at the China (Yantai)-Indonesia Economic and Trade Meeting. [Photo/WeChat account: Changyuwine]

The China (Yantai)-Indonesia Economic and Trade Meeting was held in Jakarta on April 24. To celebrate the launch of its Longyu wine and Koya brandy in Indonesia, the century-old wine brand Changyu, founded in Yantai, Shandong province, held a tasting event during the conference.

Longyu wine, produced at the Longyu Estate at the foot of the Helan Mountain in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, has been exported to 50 countries, winning over 150 world-class awards and being featured in numerous high-end restaurants globally.

Koya brandy, which debuted in 1914, is a winner of the global XO blind tasting competition and is sold in 23 countries, including Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

"As the largest economy in ASEAN and the world's fourth-largest consumer market, Indonesia, with its 280 million people, holds enormous market potential, and we are excited about it," said Zhou Hongjiang, chairman of Changyu. He also mentioned that Changyu is not only bringing wines with a distinct Chinese flavor to Indonesian consumers but also preparing to establish the Changyu Wine Culture Experience Center, providing a comprehensive experience from products to culture.

In 1858, Zhang Bishi, the founder of Changyu, ventured alone to Southeast Asia. During his lifetime, he established over 40 companies, including about 10 in Indonesia. In 1892, he founded China's first wine company, Changyu. After 132 years, Changyu now operates 14 wineries globally and owns 16,666.7 hectares of vineyards.