Jinan washing machine maker charts new course in high-end manufacturing

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-05-10

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Jinan-based Shandong Xiaoya Holding Group Co, one of China's oldest washing machine manufacturers, produced Asia's first drum washing machine in 1984, marking the beginning of its strategy of introducing, absorbing, and developing new technologies.

Over the past 45 years, the group has transitioned from importing technology from Italy to establishing research and marketing centers in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan, becoming a global player in manufacturing. Additionally, the group has made significant breakthroughs in the smart cold chain and automotive parts sectors.

The group's cold chain technologies, including fluorine-free refrigeration, laminar airflow curtains, and natural cooling sources, are global leaders, with products exported to 47 countries and regions.

The group's automotive molds have won the National Precision Mold Award, and the company is the largest wheel equipment manufacturer in China, collaborating with numerous well-known automotive companies.

In addition, the group plans to establish an intelligent manufacturing industrial park focusing on smart appliances, smart cold chain, and smart equipment.

In the future, the group will leverage next-generation information technology to accelerate the development of high-end equipment such as laser cladding and laser welding, replacing imported equipment. The group aims to establish itself as a model enterprise and industry leader in the smart appliance, smart cold chain, and smart equipment industries, contributing to Jinan's goal of becoming an industrial powerhouse.


A worker at Shandong Xiaoya Holding Group operates a machine in the factory. [Photo/iJinan app]