Innovation drives success for Tai'an Havay Group in chemical industry

(| Updated : 2024-05-14

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Established in 2010 in Tai'an, Shandong province, Tai'an Havay Group Co Ltd is a rising chemical enterprise focusing on the development and production of four main industries: nutrition, biopharmaceuticals, resource-based products, and specialty chemicals. The company places a strong emphasis on market-driven innovation and technological advancement, leading to several products holding a major competitive edge in international markets.

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Office buildings at Tai'an Havay Group Co Ltd. [Photo/WeChat account: tasgxj]

For instance, the company's production of choline chloride, an essential feed additive for poultry, commands approximately 50 percent of the domestic market share in the feed industry.

By prioritizing technology and innovation, Tai'an Havay Group has attracted industry leaders and talent, established a robust R&D team, and fostered a culture of independent innovation. Collaborations with various research institutions have facilitated technological development and patent acquisition, with nearly a hundred patents currently under the company's name.

The company harnesses digital intelligence to optimize operations, meeting the demands of telecommuting and enabling the operation of smart production sites. This ensures real-time and accurate production data and effective control at critical stages during the productive process.

Through these efforts, Havay Group has emerged as a leader in terms of product quality, scale, and marketing services within the industry. Its products are now exported to dozens of countries worldwide, serving nearly 5,000 global customers.