Binzhou shines in national manufacturing arena with five new champions

(| Updated : 2024-05-13

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Binzhou, a city in East China's Shandong province, has once again demonstrated its commitment to manufacturing excellence by recently securing five entries in the eighth batch of National Manufacturing Single-item Champion Demonstration Enterprises released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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An aerial view of the Efirm New Material Co Ltd based in Binzhou, one of the enterprises recently included in the eighth batch of National Manufacturing Single-item Champion Demonstration Enterprises. [Photo/WeChat account: shandongzhengshi]

This represents 11.1 percent of Shandong province's entries in the batch, highlighting Binzhou's prowess in fostering world-class manufacturing leaders.

With the addition of these five new champions, Binzhou now boasts a total of nine national-level and 45 provincial-level manufacturing single-item champion demonstration enterprises.

The city's unwavering dedication to supporting its enterprises is evident in its financial incentives, as it awards each manufacturing single-item champion demonstration enterprise 800,000 yuan ($110,586) in recognition of their outstanding contributions.

With a keen focus on quality enhancement, Binzhou has launched a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging industrial enterprises to expand product variety, elevate product quality, and strengthen design and innovation capabilities. These efforts have significantly boosted the market recognition and influence of Binzhou's manufacturing enterprises.

Furthermore, Binzhou has embraced intelligent manufacturing as a key driver of industrial transformation and optimization. The city actively promotes the adoption of cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing technologies, equipment, and models, empowering its enterprises to embrace the future of manufacturing with agility and innovation.