Thai students engage in cultural exchange in Dongying

(| Updated : 2024-04-24

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Thai students and faculty diligently practice writing Chinese characters, captivated by the beauty and elegance of this ancient art form. [Photo/Dongying News]

Thai and Chinese students and faculty pose for a commemorative photo. [Photo/Dongying News]

On April 18, students and faculty from Krirk University in Thailand visited the Dongying Vocational Institute in Dongying, East China's Shandong province, to participate in a cultural exchange event.

During the visit, the Thai guests were dressed in qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, and experienced the elegance and charm of Chinese costumes firsthand. Under the guidance of Chinese teachers, they learned the art of tea brewing, exploring the unique characteristics and preparation methods of different types of Chinese tea. The hands-on experience allowed them to savor the rich cultural heritage of Chinese tea.

In the calligraphy workshop, the Thai visitors eagerly picked up calligraphy brushes and, under the guidance of Chinese teachers, practiced writing Chinese characters, immersing themselves in the beauty of Chinese calligraphy. The intricate strokes and rhythmic movements revealed the profound artistry and cultural significance of Chinese calligraphy.

The cultural exchange program will continue with visits to the Sun Tzu Cultural Park and the Yellow River Culture Museum in Dongying, where the Thai guests will further explore the local customs, traditions, and historical significance of Dongying. The cultural exchange event served as a bridge between the two institutions, fostering friendship and strengthening the bonds between China and Thailand.