Cultural and tourism markets thrive in Shandong

(| Updated : 2024-03-01

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A dragon dance performance at the Grand Canal Culture Gourmet Market in Wanyuan Park in Linqing, Liaocheng. [Photo/WeChat account: lcwhhlyj]

The Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism recently organized the selection of the "Friendly Shandong" cultural and tourism markets. From 103 recommended markets across various cities in Shandong, 41 have been listed in the first batch of cultural and tourism markets.

As a mobile marketplace, the market has become an indispensable part of urban commerce and culture after years of development. It serves as a platform for exhibition and sales, accelerating the circulation of goods and making people's lives easier. The market is an important window for observing the social commercial landscape.

Unlike traditional markets that primarily sell daily necessities and food, Shandong's cultural and tourism markets feature a variety of creative cultural products and trendy cultural activities. These markets exude a strong cultural ambience. For example, at the Grand Canal Culture Gourmet Market at Wanyuan Park in Linqing, Liaocheng, the "Dream of Niulou Market" in Jining, and the Zhuquan Village Gourmet Market in Linyi, people can access a wide range of intangible cultural heritage items, lovely handicrafts, creative cultural products, and a diverse array of local snacks.

These cultural and tourism markets also serve as venues for nighttime dining, shopping, and entertainment, contributing to the development of the nighttime economy. By leveraging business districts and scenic spots, they offer new consumption scenes, igniting Shandong's cultural and tourism nighttime economy and creating new consumption dynamics.

Cultural and tourism markets have become popular gathering places for locals and tourists alike. Across Shandong province, these distinctive markets, with their rich and creative themes, have become popular destinations.