Huang-Bohai New Area enhances cultural exchange with South Korean universities

(| Updated : 2023-11-30

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Yantai Huang-Bohai New Area recently organized an online cultural exchange event with South Korean universities to further enhance cultural understanding and promote international communication. 

The event, held on Nov 28, was attended by 14 students from five South Korean universities.

During the event, participants watched promotional videos, gave presentations, and had discussions about cultural exchange. 

Officials from the Investment Promotion Bureau also shared the new area's development positioning and highlighted its role as a hub for high-end industries, a transfer point for the relocation of modern service industries, a distribution center for South Korean products in the Chinese market, and a demonstration site for cooperation in the leisure and cultural industry.

The Yantai Huang-Bohai New Area is aiming to further enhance its international communication brand matrix and foster systematic and multidimensional exchanges and cooperation with Korea through this cultural exchange event.

In recent years, the new area has been actively promoting international communication by selecting compelling topics, expanding channels, and building its brand. It is dedicated to sharing stories and news about the new area to the world.

The area has through various cultural exchange activities successfully created international communication brands that have been featured in over 150 media outlets both domestically and internationally.