Shandong University marks 122nd anniversary with grand celebrations

(| Updated : 2023-10-16

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Oct 15 marks the 122nd anniversary of the founding of Shandong University. A series of activities including song performances and classic work recitations were held on Oct 13 at the central campus of Shandong University in celebration of the anniversary.

Li Shucai, president of Shandong University, said in his speech at the event that he is grateful for the artists and performers who participated in the celebration of the university's 122nd anniversary. He also extended his warm welcome to the alumni participating in the event.

Li said he hopes to see more cultural activities organized to help students with their moral, intellectual, physical and artistic development. He also encouraged participants to participate in activities at the Jinan, Qingdao and Weihai campuses to enrich campus culture.

During the event, guests and alumni sang the newly composed song "Our Cultural Heritage Runs Deep", which is specially created for Shandong University's 122nd anniversary, as well as the song Me and My Motherland. They also recited the Chinese classic The Great Learning, one of the Four Books of Confucianism.

On the afternoon of Oct 13 and the evening of Oct 14, Shandong University alumni, along with members of the Choir of School of Arts at Shandong University, took part in classic recitations and held flash mob performances at the Quancheng Square and the Olympic Sports Center in Jinan.


Li Shucai, president of Shandong University delivers a speech during celebrations of the university's 122nd anniversary on Oct 13. [Photo/Shandong University]


Guests and alumni sing songs to mark the 122nd anniversary of Shandong University on Oct 13. [Photo/Shandong University]


Guests and alumni recite the classic work The Great Learning to mark the 122nd anniversary of Shandong University on Oct 13. [Photo/Shandong University]


A group photo of participants during Shandong University's anniversary celebrations on Oct 13. [Photo/Shandong University]