Bridging cultures: Guanxian county's cultural exhibition in Italy

(| Updated : 2023-10-16

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In early October, local Italians gathered in the central square of Rome to attend an exhibition of intangible cultural heritage works organized by Guanxian county, Liaocheng city, Shandong province.

At the event, Chinese international students introduced the unique heritage and distinctive products of Guanxian county to local participants. The participants also received some of these artifacts as a token of friendship.

Guanxian county, known for its zeal in reviving and improving upon its cultural heritage, hosted the event to showcase the depth and beauty of traditional Chinese culture and to foster a comprehensive and intricate understanding among foreign audiences. This initiative connected diverse cultures and spotlighted the multifaceted nature of Chinese culture.

Highlighting the innovation and vitality of Guanxian county's cultural preservation efforts, the event featured captivating cultural pieces like Langzhuang dough models, paper-cut fans, paper-cut wall hangings, and woodblock New Year paintings.


An exhibition featuring intangible cultural products from Guanxian county in Shandong province is held in Italy, Rome in early October. [Photo provided to]


A local Italian admires a paper-cut fan on display at the exhibition. [Photo provided to]