Carpenter crafts his way to web celebrity

(China Daily)| Updated : 2022-12-12

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[Photo from Grandpa Amu]

Thanks to his vast carpentry knowledge, the Chinese master carpenter, Wang Dewen, known as "Grandpa Amu" on social media, has been dubbed as the modern day Lu Ban (507-444 BC), who is known as the father of carpentry of China and who exemplified exquisite craftsmanship and creativity.

This time, he used beech wood and black walnut material and cut it into 32 pieces of wood, and then polished it into radians and chiseled different structures. When they fit together perfectly, it became a football. 

Its structure can be freely disassembled and assembled for play. It can't be kicked around like a real football, but it is suitable for display as a craft or a toy or a gift. 

Grandpa Amu has also made several wooden toys for his grandson using the same technique. He created a folding stool, that looked like the China pavilion from the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Among all the items, a walking Peppa Pig and a bubble blowing toy are his grandson's favorites.