Linyi: Give new vitality to intangible cultural heritage with innovation and create Linyi brand of "Shandong Handmade Products"

By Luan Xue| (| Updated : 2022-11-22

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On November 9, in the Wheat Straw Patchwork Exhibition Hall of Mengsi Town Cultural Center, Linyi County, lifelike wheat straw patchwork was hung on the wall, amazing the visitors.

Wheat straw patchwork is a municipal intangible cultural heritage project. To give new vitality to the intangible cultural heritage, Linyi County guides the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to fully explore the cultural connotation of wheat straw patchwork based on the market and creativity, realizing the organic integration of traditional culture and modern society. In Mengsi Town, a wheat straw patchwork exhibition hall, a research and study base for intangible cultural heritage, a DIY handmade classroom, a live broadcast room and other functional rooms have been set up, and a skill inheritance team for wheat straw patchwork has been formed for research and operation, forming an industrial chain integrating research and study, processing and sales.

Linyi has 35 intangible cultural heritage projects at all levels. Based on this, the "Shandong Handmade Products" Linyi project library has been set up thorough searching throughout the county to include 50 excellent handmade projects such as carving, weaving, etc. Among them, the cultural industry clusters such as wheat straw patchwork, wood carving, gourd carving, gourd pyrography will be cultivated as key projects.

In order to further exert the brand effect of "Shandong Handmade Products", based on local cultural resources, the integration of county and township of Linyi County is constantly improved, the industrial benefits are initially emerging, and the "Shandong Handmade Products" Linyi brand is gradually forming. 

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