Shandong revives traditional handicrafts

(| Updated : 2022-11-30

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Tourists try their hands at traditional shadow puppetry in Taierzhuang ancient town in Zaozhuang, Shandong province. [Photo/Dazhong News]

Shandong province has been working to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of fine traditional Chinese culture, and it has carried out a slew of activities to bring more traditional handicrafts to people's daily lives.

At the intangible cultural heritage display area in Shihuyuan Garden, a popular historical site in Weifang, Meng Xiangxiang, a 34-year-old inheritor of Meng's dough figurine making technique, stays busy making dough figurines. He not only explains and performs the technique, but also allows visitors to practice the craft.

"The little dough figurine holds the warmth of the hands, the creativity of the craftsmen and the adherence to tradition, and I am most happy to be able to make it myself," said a visitor surnamed Dai.

Weifang is rich in intangible cultural heritage resources. In order to better protect and inherit the traditional items, Weifang launched a project for the display, research, innovation, inheritance and marketing of intangible cultural heritages in Shihuyuan Garden.

Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, is promoting the sale of intangible cultural heritage items via livestreaming activities.

"We have 13 online livestreaming accounts and sell more than 20 kinds of products such as rubbings, seals, combs and pastries. Online sales this year is expected to exceed 5 million yuan ($694,550)," said Li Mingchun, operation manager of Qufu Intangible Cultural Heritage E-commerce Service Center.

Shandong will also present local representative handicrafts in expressway service areas, scenic spots, supermarkets and other public places to enhance brand awareness.