WEGO: Innovation at heart of development

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-09-10

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Chen Xueli, founder and former chairman of the board of directors of WEGO Group, said that innovation has always played a vital role in the company's development.


Chen Xueli, founder and former chairman of the board of directors of WEGO Group [Photo/Dazhong News]

"Copying foreign products is no way out, and only innovation can seek development. Without first-class products, you won't be accepted by the market," Chen said.

Over the years, WEGO has established extensive technical alliances and established more than 30 R&D centers and joint laboratories in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other domestic first-class scientific research institutions, with more than 100 academicians serving as technical consultants.

The company has improved its innovation system, and established platforms such as national technology centers, national engineering laboratories, academician workstations and post-doctoral workstations.

The company also introduced a group of leading talents in the industry through equity cooperation to jointly develop high-end products.

WEGO has more than 1,100 patents, including more than 400 invention patents. It possesses more than 900 products with independent intellectual property rights. Among them, high-tech products and high value-added products account for more than 80 percent. 

More than 100 products such as an orthopedic materials series, a blood purification series, an intracardiac consumables series, artificial livers, automatic chemiluminescence analyzers, color ultrasonic diagnosis, DR, prefilled syringes, and membrane oxygenators have broken foreign monopolies and have become well-known international brands.

WEGO's medical instruments have already entered 11 fields out of 15 segmented markets, making it one of the most safe and trustworthy manufacturers of medical system solutions in the world, with over 1,000 variations of products available in over 150,000 specifications.