Jinan-made stainless steel ring forging piece recognized by Guinness

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-08-08

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A loop-shape stainless steel piece produced by a Jinan-based steel mill was recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's largest, local media reported.

The seamless rolled steel ring, made by Shandong Iraeta Heavy Industry Co in Jinan's Zhangqiu district, weighs 150 metric tons and is 15.67 meters in diameter. It will be key part of a nuclear power unit and is expected to play a supporting role in a nuclear reactor vessel to withstand pressure of up to 7,000 tons.

The giant steel structure used to be forged by segmented welding assembly. However, the welding joints are vulnerable to high pressure, which poses safety concerns in nuclear power generation.

Large seamless steel forging pieces are in high demand in China's hydro-power, wind-power and nuclear-power generation industry.

According to Ji Peide, director of the Jinan municipal bureau of industry and information technology, Jinan is planning to build a nuclear power industrial cluster relying on local resources.

In the nuclear power industry chain, Jinan is home to a number of nuclear power product enterprises including Iraeta, Atom Horizon Electric, and Hualing Cable, and their products include structural components, electrical cables, pressure vessels, testing and design, and other fields.


The loop-shape stainless steel piece produced by the Shandong Iraeta Heavy Industry Co based in East China's Shandong province [Photo/Jinan Daily]