Inspur Group pushes innovation to advance computing power

(| Updated : 2022-08-03

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Big data supplier Inspur Group and the Shandong Future Network Research Institute set up a joint laboratory for cloud network data collaboration, according to news released at the first China Computational Power Conference, which was held in Jinan, Shandong province on July 30.

A large number of major projects were signed at the conference, all of which are expected to boost the development of cloud computing power services.

The booming digital economy has greatly promoted the fast development of computing power, which roughly refers to the ability to process data. It includes an information infrastructure and technologies to support computing power information, data storage and network capacity to meet the demands of the digital economy era. Computing power is widely seen as being crucial for a country to lead the world in digital space.

Inspur Group, a Chinese provider of big data services, has stepped up efforts to establish a service-oriented computing distribution network, which will help the group promote the development of digital applications and the integration of digital and real economy.

With the rapid development of the east-data-west-computing project, China's computing power has entered the fast lane. Cloud computing has accelerated the transformation of computing power from manufacturing to the service industry, which will inject new vitality into the high-quality development of China's computing power economy.

Inspur Group has beefed up efforts to spur technological innovation, and accelerate the layout of computing services. The group has set up China's largest backbone system on the distribution cloud, amid growing demand for new cloud services due to the accelerated development of the digital economy, which will promote the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.