Jinan moves to bail out enterprises hit by pandemic

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-05-09

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Jinan government recently issued 15 measures to help enterprises cope with difficulties caused by COVD-19.

Support for enterprises' social security benefits will be increased by reducing, deferring and refunding social security premiums.

Enterprises will gain subsidies covering employment subsidy funds, start-up loan guarantee funds, and employment risk reserves.

Enterprises that recruit people with employment difficulties as well as small and micro enterprises that recruit college graduates in their final year of graduation will be given social security subsidies in accordance with regulations.

The government will expand the supply of loans by relaxing repayment terms, lower loan thresholds and introduce simple procedures to help enterprises ease their financial pressure.

More efforts will be made to help enterprises resume operation. Chartered buses will be launched to help staff members return to work.

The number of online recruitment sessions will be increased and small-scale and customized job fairs will be held offline. Technical institutes are encouraged to organize students to carry out on-site job training and internships to meet the demands of the periodical employment of enterprises.

Enterprises are encouraged to carry out skills training during the suspension of production and provide training subsidies in accordance with regulations. The government will release supply and demand information for the surplus enterprises for free.

Government services for enterprises will be improved. Enterprise-related matters will be handled in time, and procedures will be simplified by making use of big data.