Jinan-made mobile oxygen stations gain popularity in global market

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-04-28

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At a workshop in Jinan New Materials Industrial Park, two container-type mobile oxygen production stations are being assembled by huge cranes.

In a few days, the two stations will be shipped to Papua New Guinea to provide oxygen support for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control.

The two smart oxygen production stations are made by Meditech, a pioneer in oxygen, in Jinan, Shandong province.

"The mobile oxygen stations are very popular abroad," said Liu Zhengqiang, vice-manager of Meditech.

Compared to traditional oxygen-making machines, the newly-developed mobile oxygen station is easy to install and is quiet and safe, according to Liu.

The machine can be operated remotely with the help of internet of things technologies. A chip developed by the company and Shandong University can accurately transfer real time data across the globe.

According to Liu, the company has also received orders from the United Nations. In 2021, it shipped more than 400 units of its products to India, capturing over 60 percent of the local market share.


Staff members operate a mobile oxygen machine made by Meditech. [Photo/Jinan Daily]


An employee shows the mobile oxygen machine's remote monitoring system. [Photo/Jinan Daily]