Jinan laser cutting machine producer focuses on innovation

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-05-06

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Jinan-based G. Weike Laser Co has become a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of laser cutting machines, with its brand value climbing to 3.12 billion yuan ($471.27 million) after 18 years' development.

The company's laser cutting machines have been exported to more than 180 countries and regions. In 2021, its annual sales exceeded 1 billion yuan, and the export growth rate of laser equipment ranked first in China.

G. Weike attaches great importance to new product development and technological innovation. According to the company's general manager Jiang Xifeng, nearly 25 percent of the company's employees specialize in research and development.

Every year, the company invests 8 percent of its sales in technology research and development, ensuring that the performance of its products is always at the forefront of the laser industry.

More than 100 products and technologies have been patented. Its products have obtained CE, FDA, and ISO 9001 certifications. The company also has set up subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Australia, Russia, and India to strengthen its global market chain.


G. Weike Laser Co creates laser cut artwork. [Photo/Dazhong News]