Emerging industries flourish in Jinan start-up area

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2022-04-29

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Jinan Start-up Area for Growth Drivers Transformation has seen booming development in emerging industries including new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials since it was approved the State Council on April 25, 2021.

Three branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) – the Jinan Advanced Power Research Institute, the Jinan CAS Fanzai Intelligent Computing Research Institute, and the Jinan CAS Nuclear Technology Research Institute, provided technological support for the city's industrial development.

The CAS branches have integrated advanced and superior resources at home and abroad, and promoted the application of technological achievements to help develop high-end emerging industries.

For example, the CAS Fanzai Intelligent Computing Research Institute has developed smart medial products such as a smart healthcare service big data platform, an intelligent catering AI nutrition analysis system and sterilization robots, promoting the development of the smart medical care industry.

The 20 MW gas turbine project developed by the Jinan Advanced Power Research Institute has the advantage of low carbon and high efficiency, filling the gap in domestic technology.

In addition, a new energy auto industrial park was launched in the region, boosting new energy industry development. With a total investment of 15 billion yuan ($2.28 billion), the park is expected to produce 300,000 vehicles and core components annually and has an annual output value of more than 40 billion yuan.

At Jinan International Standard Investment Industrial Park, 17 advanced manufacturing enterprises have settled in the area, covering fields of aerospace, energy equipment, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, and new materials.

The park will build factories for enterprises based on their different needs in product processing, and research and development. It will introduce more enterprises from upstream and downstream industries to promote agglomeration.

The Shandong Yellow River Digital Economy Industrial Park is providing application scenarios for intelligent manufacturing, green construction, and smart agriculture industries in the region to create an industrial internet platform. It has introduced more than 330 enterprises in the field of new generation information technology.