Shandong University marks 120th anniversary

(| Updated : 2021-10-15

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The opening ceremony of the 120th anniversary of Shandong University, or SDU, was held via online and offline channels at the university's stadium in Jinan on Oct 15, bringing together 3,000 people, including government officials, well-known academicians and presidents of universities.

Li Jianguo, member of the Political Bureau of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Han Qide, vice-chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Li Ganjie, Party chief of Shandong, led the delegation participating in the event.

More than 30 academicians participated in the opening ceremony, according to preliminary figures, including Han Qide, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Qian Qihu, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Xue Qikun, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, many of whom are the alumnus of SDU.

Wu Guanzheng, former member of the Party's top leadership body, Liu Yandong, former vice-premier of the State Council, as well as other former top officials extended their congratulations on the 120th anniversary of SDU during the celebration.


The opening ceremony of the 120th anniversary of Shandong University begins with the national anthem. [Photo/]


Li Ganjie, Party chief of Shandong, extends congratulations and heartfelt thanks to everyone at the opening ceremony of the 120th anniversary of SDU. [Photo/]

Li Ganjie, Party chief of Shandong, said in his speech that SDU has made great contributions to national development and social progress, and Shandong government will give full support to the university as it strives to create a better environment for the development of the students.

He also hoped that university's teachers would take on more responsibilities to nurture more high-end talents, and make new contributions in the construction of a modern and powerful province.

Weng Tiehui, the vice-minister of education, put forward some expectations in her speech: to keep the mission of socialist education firmly in mind; to fully implement the fundamental task of socialist education; to foster an academic system that can enhance the country's cultural soft power as well as to improve innovation and research capabilities.

Wang Xuedian, the chief editor of the Journal of Chinese Humanities, said in his speech that as the Party put forward expectations to all the editors of Journal of Chinese Humanities, they would foster a discourse and academic system with Chinese characteristics, and fully promote Chinese culture and Chinese experience in socialist.

Xue Qikun, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech as the representative of the alumni. He said that he totally agreed with the undergraduate education of his alma mater and expressed his pride in the development and great achievements of SDU in his speech.

He added that it was the inspiration of the school motto "Noble in Spirit; Endless in Knowledge" and the solid foundation laid during his four-year study that had benefited him throughout his life and inspired his enthusiasm for exploration.

Fan Liming, president of SDU, introduced the achievements of SDU such as the successful conclusion of first round "double first-class" construction and the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" initiative which has contributed to the high-quality development of Shandong's economy.

She also added that a particular characteristic of SDU is that it represents the cultural core of SDU covering the full love for the country, the commitment to taking more responsibilities, the pursuit of lofty characters and the ability to innovative exploration has taken shape.

Guo Xinli, secretary of SDU's Party Committee, pointed out SDU's commitment to strengthening the university construction and rejuvenating the country in his speech.

The commitment was the original aspiration of all SDU's people, and he added that SDU would resolutely carry on the mission for the construction of a world-class university and make more progress for the construction of a modern socialist country for a new era.

Samuel C.C.Ting, the Nobel Laureate in Physics who has visited SDU many times since 1994, said in his speech that SDU is very important to him, and he hoped to continue working with SDU.

Samuel C.C.Ting has developed a close relationship with SDU, he has signed many cooperation agreements with the university such as an International Space Station program, whose experimental thermal system was fully designed and manufactured by SDU.

The Ministry of Education and Shandong Province signed a joint construction agreement on continued construction of SDU, and the launching ceremony was held simultaneously during the event.

Before the celebration, more than 180 colleges and universities from both home and abroad have sent congratulatory letters and videos to SDU, highly appraising the glorious history and school achievements of the school.

The conference was broadcast live on various media such as Shandong Satellite TV, People's Daily Online, and Xinhua News Agency. Students and all the staff members of the university watched the ceremony via online and offline channels.

The ceremony came to a successful end with the audience singing the university song, and issuing of commemorative stamps marking the celebration of the 120th anniversary after it.

Representatives of China Post Group Corporation, leaders of SDU, professors and students participated in the activity.

Wang Zhiqi, general manager of business department of China Post Group Corporation, said in his speech that SDU has cultivated more than 600,000 talents for the society in the past 120 years and he also introduced the design and indication of the commemorative stamps simultaneously.


The commemorative stamps for the celebration of the 120th anniversary of SDU is designed with the environment of the school, interpreting the profound historical heritage and distinctive cultural characteristics of the university. [Photo/]

A light show for the blessing of the 120th anniversary of SDU, which was designed by students and alumni of the university, was launched from Oct 14 to15, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The two-day light show was broadcast in Jinan, Weihai, Qingdao via multiple media.