Shandong University prepares for 120th anniversary in Oct

(| Updated : 2021-06-17

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June 16 marked the 120-day countdown to the 120th anniversary of the prestigious Shandong University.


Special souvenir covers and dedicated postcards are issued for the 120th anniversary of Shandong University. [Photo/]

The university's campuses in Jinan, Weihai, and Qingdao held countdown activities and issued anniversary invitations to alumni and other people for the celebration. Special souvenir covers and dedicated postcards were also given out.

A series of activities will be held to celebrate the university's 120th anniversary.

Shandong University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. It was founded in 1901 and was the second national university to be established, after Jingshi University (the Metropolitan University).


A 120-day countdown activity is held across the university's campuses in Jinan, Weihai, and Qingdao on June 16. [Photo/]

Shandong University is a comprehensive university under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It has a long history, many disciplines, high academic quality, and a unique educational system. It is highly influential both at home and abroad.

It was also among the first institutions of higher learning in the national "211" & "985" projects and appeared on the list of China's "world-class universities" initiative as an A-level university.

The university has eight campuses across Jinan, Qingdao, and Weihai, covering a total area of more than 8,000 mu (533.33 hectares). It also has four affiliated hospitals and 11 teaching and training hospitals.


Students attend a 120-day countdown activity for Shandong University's 120th anniversary. [Photo/]