Shandong releases autumn semester COVID prevention, control work plan

(| Updated : 2021-08-16

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Recently, the leading group of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee on epidemic prevention and control issued the work plan for COVID-19 prevention and control for the upcoming autumn semester.

According to the plan, schools across the province are required to make region-specific arrangements in line with the current COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control requirements, as well as make clear the start time and return schedule.


A parent accompanies his daughter during her COVID-19 vaccination at a community health service center in Qingdao West Coast New Area on Aug 5. [Photo/VCG]

The primary and secondary school opening plan should be uniformly studied and determined by the territorial department of education, while the college opening work plan should be studied and determined by its Party committee. Both should be reported to and approved by the local epidemic prevention and control working group.

Teachers, students, and school staff should monitor their body temperature every day for 14 consecutive days before the start of the autumn semester, as well as report their health status and activity track to the school in a timely fashion.

Schools are required to maintain comprehensive records of the health status and whereabouts of teachers, students, staff (including cleaning, security, catering, as well as other support staff), and their family members who they lived with during the summer vacation period to ensure that the travel and residence history, contact history, and health history of each teacher, student, and staff member in the 14 days before returning to school are clear.

Universities should inform local disease control agencies of the names of teachers, students, and staff members outside the province in advance to prepare for nucleic acid testing.

The health conditions of students and teachers will be closely monitored and recorded.

Minors aged between 12 and 17 are encouraged to take COVID-19 vaccinations while being accompanied with their guardians.

Schools should reserve protective and sterilizing materials for at least one month before the start of the school year.

For more detailed information, please keep up with the latest information of schools and the working group on epidemic prevention and control.