Rural tourism prospers in Zaozhuang village

(| Updated : 2020-06-16

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Lizhuang, a remote and once impoverished village in the mountainous area of southern Shandong, has been transformed into a model village of rural tourism in recent years.

Located on the right bank of Yanma Lake, the largest reservoir and national water conservancy scenic spot in Zaozhuang city, the village boasts picturesque landscapes.

Through improving infrastructure, tourism facilities and villagers' dwellings, the village now boasts a new appearance.

Residential houses in the village that have been vacant for years are now themed homestays and folk culture experience sites.

Visitors can try their hands at making handicrafts, enjoy local operas and learn about the process of making traditional food in the village.

"Next, we will cooperate with a professional team to improve our services and management of tourism-related business," said a local official.


A homestay in Lizhuang village in Zaozhuang's Shanting district [Photo/]


Visitors can learn the traditional manufacturing process of chilli sauce in Lizhuang village. [Photo/]


Traditional handicrafts are promoted at a cultural experience site in Lizhuang village. [Photo/]


The picturesque landscape of Lizhuang village [Photo/]