Yuncheng paper-cuts dazzle Beijing university students

( )| Updated : 2019-06-04

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An exhibition featuring 40 paper-cuts created by Yang Xiuling was recently exhibited at Beijing Normal University, offering a great cultural feast of traditional arts to the students and faculty.

Yang was born in a family with a well-known and long reputation of making paper cuttings, which has more than 300 years of history in Yuncheng, Shandong province.

As the fifth generation inheritor of paper cutting, Yang has won many awards for her works in China.

On the basis of inheriting the traditional craft, Yang focuses on the innovation of the art form, integrating modern design concepts with the traditional style of paper-cut art, combing aesthetics and practicality to create a unique and charming artistic style.


Yang Xiuling teaches students how to make paper-cuts at the Beijing Normal University. [Photo/]


Students try their hands on paper-cuts under the instruction of Yang Xiuling at the Beijing Normal University. [Photo/]


Yang Xiuling demonstrates how to make paper-cuts at the Beijing Normal University. [Photo/]