Mount Tai Scenic Area promotes smart tourism

(| Updated : 2019-05-15

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The Mount Tai Scenic Area in Shandong province's Tai'an city signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with China Unicom and Baidu Map respectively on May 14 to jointly work on smart tourism solutions and boost the development of all-for-one tourism.

All-for-one tourism focuses on the upgrading and integration of tourism resources, public services, systems and mechanisms, regulations and policies, etc. to boost economic development with tourism being the new growth engine.

Mount Tai Scenic Area will work with China Unicom, one of the nation's largest telecom carriers to set up the "5G + Smart Mount Tai Joint Laboratory".

Through the construction of 5G network, the two sides will focus on the research and development of 5G technology application in scenic spot to promote intelligent management, improve visitors experience and carry forward the culture of Mount Tai.

The lab will help improve tourism experience and meet the demand of tourists personalized services.

Mount Tai Scenic Area will join hands with Baidu Map, a desktop and mobile Web mapping service provided by China's online search giant Baidu Inc to establish the "Mount Tai – Baidu Map intelligent tourism innovation center".

The two sides will establish a comprehensive strategic partnership and carry out in-depth cooperation in POI map online service, AI tour guide, joint promotion of tourism resources, intelligent management and intelligent marketing relying on the advantageous resources of both sides.

In the next step, with the help of a number of joint laboratories and innovation centers, Mount Tai Scenic Area will focus on the key fields with critical and strategic roles in promoting national scenic areas and tourism industry, and create a "model" of smart tourism that can be applied in other scenic spots.


Mount Tai Scenic Area signs a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Baidu Map on May 14 to establish an intelligent tourism innovation center. [Photo/]


Mount Tai Scenic Area signs a strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Unicom on May 14 to set up a 5G smart laboratory. [Photo/]


Representatives attend the signing ceremony from Mount Tai Scenic Area, China Unicom and Baidu Map pose for a group photo on May 14. [Photo/WeChat account: china-taishan]