Introduction to Qingdao Cuisine

(| Updated : 2018-11-22

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Known as the cradle of Shandong Cuisine, Shandong's largest coastal port city Qingdao is famous for its local cuisine. The area around Qingdao is rich in sea cucumbers, squid, prawns, shellfish, as well as numerous fish species, and every spring and autumn, the Jiaozhou Bay area is rich in local shrimp. 

Qingdao is famous for its regional and international flavors. Being a coastal city, Qingdao is rich in seafood, and its flavors range from spicy to sweet. 

Qingdao Cuisine, which is usually deep fried, braised, roasted or stewed, commonly use soy sauce, shallots and garlic, and the dishes are known for their delicate aromas, and pure flavor. Qingdao cuisine's most famous dishes are sea cucumbers with minced meat, Jiaodong Chicken Wings, and Braised cuttlefish eggs. Although prepared in a simple style, these dishes are unforgettable.

The best way to enjoy Qingdao's seafood is to stroll down to the shore, or along Laiyang Road and stop in one of the many little seafood restaurants. Qingdao's many fine hotels are also excellent places to enjoy seafood, although prices are higher, there is less of a language barrier problem and the dishes are more refined.

Since Qingdao was once a German colonial city, it has retained many of its international aspects. The city is known for having a large selection of international fare, including Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean cuisines. Qingdao also has a large Muslim population and Muslim restaurants can be found scattered around the city as well as numerous ka-bob stands that can be found along the road.