Spectroscopy conference kicks into gear

By Zhang Lei| (chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2018-10-23

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Li Can, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences [Photo provided to China Daily]

The 20th National Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy and the 40th Anniversary of the Spectral Annual Meeting were held in Qingdao on Oct 20.

The conference was hosted by the China Optical Society, the Chinese Chemical Society and the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Processes at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The theme of the conference is "Celebrating China's Spectrum for 40 Years to Build a New Era of Chinese Spectra", and the conference will last until Oct 22.

The first National Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy was held in 1979. The conference once again brings experts in the spectrum field to Qingdao.

More than 650 delegates attended the conference, representing more than 180 research institutes at home and abroad, covering all units in molecular spectroscopy research across the country. In addition, this conference was also fully funded by more than 20 instrument manufacturers, and is the largest of its kind in terms of attendance. The conference will showcase the latest research progress and achievements in the field, foster exchanges between spectral scientists and those who support the spectrum industry and promote the development of China's own industry.

The ceremony was hosted by conference chair and researcher Liu Huizhou, director of the Documentation and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Director of the Spectroscopic Committee of the Chinese Optical Society Xie Mengxia made the opening speech and said it is these scientists' contributions to China's spectrum industry that have made China a leader in the international arena. The number of delegates at this conference exceeded 600, and the number of research papers received was close to 400. He sincerely hopes everyone will continue to support the National Spectrum Conference.

More than 380 abstracts were received at the conference. The organizing committee of the conference invited well-known academicians, experts and scholars to participate in the conference and to give 15 conference reports, 65 club invitation reports, 37 oral reports, 22 youth forum reports and more than 130 newspaper wall exhibitions. During the meeting, representatives of the conference committee will also be invited to give out the "Outstanding Paper Award" and the "Excellent Wall Poster Award".