Best places to enjoy golden autumn in Yantai

(| Updated : 2018-10-19

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It's the time of the year when visitors flock outdoors to capture the stunning beauty of colorful autumn. Here we've picked some of the best places to enjoy the autumn leaves in Yantai.

1.Kunyu Mountain

Kunyu Mountain located in the east of Jiaodong Peninsula boasts numerous mountains and enjoys biological diversity, with 2,234 species of wild animals and plants.

It is renowned for its green biological environment and beautiful scenery in the Shandong Peninsula. It is the only natural habitat of red pine in the country.

Transportation: Take travel bus No 1.


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2.Laizhou ginkgo forest

The fall of Laizhou can be described as "amazing". In Xiaocaogou and Yashang villages, a large area of ginkgo forest offers visitors a golden world.

Self-drive route: Yantai - Laizhou - Guo Jiadian town- Xiaocaogou village


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