Shandong promotes intelligent agriculture development

( )| Updated : 2018-08-24

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Shandong province recently released an opinion on speeding up development of intelligent agriculture in the province, vowing that it will achieve data sharing, industrial integration and development and effective service by 2022 in order to ensure that its industrial modernization stays in the first rank across the nation.

The opinion focuses on the development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries. To achieve the 2022 goal, Shandong will accelerate the construction of intelligent agricultural applications covering those four industries. It will set up three intelligent agricultural pilot zones in Jinan, Qingdao and Weifang, construct special intelligent agricultural towns, improve the quality of agricultural products and set up an express delivery network for agricultural products based on rural tourism resources and areas rich in distinctive agricultural products. 

It will also build four regional modern intelligent agricultural logistics bases centralized in Weifang, Linyi, Jining and Dezhou, and 100 wholesale agricultural markets across the province. To those it will add 400 intelligent agricultural application bases for horticultural products, animal by-products, aquatic products and forestry products, and more than 70,000 agricultural information centers providing convenience services, express delivery, e-commerce and training for villagers. 

According to the opinion, Shandong will implement application development for intelligent agricultural big data, marketing projects, agricultural product logistics and other areas.

In that implementation Shandong will emphasize agricultural big data applied in precision production, quality supervision, situational awareness, comprehensive analysis, early warning and prediction and decision assistance. By 2022, the province will have formulated and released more than 15 standards of local agricultural big data. 

Shandong will also strengthen construction for intelligent agricultural machinery, intelligent animal husbandry and intelligent irrigation. According to the opinion, by 2022 Shandong will have built 50 intelligent pastures, 30 digital pig breeding enterprises, two to three high efficiency water-saving agricultural demonstration areas and one water and fertilizer integration demonstration site. 

In agricultural marketing, Shandong will push ahead the connection of new agricultural management enterprises with a comprehensive agricultural service platform. By 2022 the province will have built the platform into a well-known national agricultural product marketing platform. In the meantime it will support agricultural products marketing groups to set up 100 off-line stores and 1,000 direct selling offices in first and second tier cities. 


Shandong province to speed up development of intelligent agriculture in the province.[Photo/]


A worker installs information receiving equipment on a driverless tractor in Zouping county of Shandong, March 15. [Photo/]


A technician checks the data of the intelligent farmland monitoring system in Zouping county of Shandong, May 15. [Photo/]