Shandong strives for more communication with Taiwan

(| Updated : 2018-08-23

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The "Measures on Boosting Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Cultural Cooperation" will take effect soon, the Shandong government announced at a press conference on Aug 15, 2018.

The 56 measures, featuring the highest-level opening-up and widest coverage in the history of Shandong-Taiwan cooperation, include 23 strengthening Shandong-Taiwan economic cooperation, 14 focusing on cultural and education exchanges and 19 supporting Taiwan people’s lives in Shandong.

Based on the measures, the provincial, municipal, county and district governments of Shandong are required to ensure Taiwan-invested companies and Taiwan people are treated equally with local residents when making various plans and policies and establishing support funds.

Meanwhile, the governments will encourage Taiwan enterprises and capital to participate in Shandong's key projects and its implementation of rural revitalization and other strategic plans.

Newly-established regional headquarters of Taiwan companies in Shandong, with provincial recognition, can get a financial reward of 5 million yuan ($726,482). Taiwan's private capital and Shandong's government capital are encouraged to jointly set up private equity funds and industry investment funds to support Taiwan enterprises to take part in Shandong's construction of infrastructure, including highways and railways, by means of franchising. 

In terms of talent attraction, the measures provide that professionals from Taiwan are able to join Shandong's key talent projects. Taiwan technicians with Taiwan's practicing certificates are allowed to do business in Shandong's pilot area for talent reform. Sci-tech researchers working in Shandong companies can serve as leaders of provincial technology projects and enjoy policies equally with local researchers.

Shandong is famous for its Confucian culture and education. With a focus on advancing cross-Straits ties in Confucian, Qilu, Mount Tai, marine, Yellow River and Mazu cultures, Shandong urges Taiwan people, universities, research institutes and private organizations to join or undertake culture projects, offering them equality under industrial policies.

The measures also expect more education communication activities, participation of Taiwan universities in Shandong's online university course alliance, education reform, subject research and curriculum construction. Scholarships will be added to attract Taiwan students to Shandong. Local art troupes and research institutions are encouraged to employ Taiwan artists, youths and Confucius culture specialists to help with Shandong's art, education, and promotion of cultural research.

Besides, the measures have specified policies to deal with problems of Taiwan businesspeople and companies. Taiwan compatriots in Shandong have equal rights with Shandong citizens in depositing, paying and using accumulated funds, buying houses, taking professional qualification examinations, taking airplanes and railways and enjoying other living services. Hospitals designated for Taiwan compatriots will open green channels for Taiwan people in emergencies or cases of severe disease.

Furthermore, Shandong is also working on local legislative regulations to legally protect Taiwan compatriots' investment rights.