Shandong to accelerate rural revitalization efforts

(| Updated : 2018-05-24

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Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee recently wrote an article in the People’s Daily to introduce the Shandong rural revitalization plan. Shandong will revitalize its rural areas through four measures.

Rural industries to be transformed

Shandong province will take advantage of the advancement of technologies to further integrate and progress rural industries. It will focus on e-business and tourism, with the aim of increasing rural tourism revenue, to hopefully reach 320 billion yuan ($ 50.27 billion) in three years and offering job opportunities for 2 million farmers. Shandong province will improve the standard system of agricultural products and push ahead with the construction of a vegetable standard certification center, setting the national quality standard for vegetables. The Shandong government will also designate certain cities to act as demonstration cities and counties for food safety and the quality safety of agricultural products. It will develop 50 famous agricultural product brands and 500 renowned enterprise product brands within five years.

Rural areas will enhance international competitiveness in the agricultural industry and cultivate multinational agribusiness groups. Shandong will develop the advantages of the demonstration province of quality safety of exported food and agricultural products, ensuring that the annual export amount of agricultural products remains over a total of 100 billion yuan.


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