Shandong strives to become strong maritime province

Updated : 2018-05-15

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The throughput of Shandong port ranks second among coastal provinces, but one problem is that all the ports compete strenuously with each other, which reduces overall benefits. "The integration of port resources is the right way to solve this problem. Shandong is now advancing vigorously and has got the point," said Zhang Wei, Party secretary of Yantai University.

Shandong has already proposed the integration of coastal port resources and optimized the port layout; it plans to promote the construction of Qingdao Port, Bohai Bay Port, Yantai Port and Rizhao Port. Shandong Port Investment Holding Group will be set up in due course.

Shandong has a good foundation for developing a perfect modern marine industrial system. There are many marine industries covering marine life and health, high-end equipment, seawater utilization and green marine chemicals. A group of well-known companies has emerged, such as CIMC Raffles and Oriental Ocean.


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As a next step, Shandong plans to create a model zone for marine economic reform and development at an international advanced level, consolidate and improve marine superior industries, accelerate the development of marine high-tech industry and marine service industry. It will strive to increase the added value of its modern marine industry to 2,300 billion yuan ($361.3 billion) by 2022, accounting for 23 percent of the regional GDP.

The ocean is important not only for economic space, but also for ecological space. A green and sustainable marine ecological environment is indispensable for the development of a marine economy.

Last year, 80 land-based wind turbines on four islands in Changdao County were dismantled. In order to protect and develop Changdao, Shandong issued Several Opinions on Promoting Marine Ecological Protection and Sustainable Development of Changdao, including prohibiting industrial projects, controlling land reclamation and repairing damaged shores. It strives to develop Changdao into a national marine ecological park.

Shandong introduced the planning and implementation opinions of marine ecological civilization construction in 2017 and took the national lead in establishing and implementing the entire maritime ecological red line system and marine ecological compensation system. The number and size of marine protected areas are in the front rank in the country.

This year, Shandong has placed its marine ecological construction in a prominent position and will carry out all necessary aspects of marine environmental protection.

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