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Shandong adds 12 national first-class museums

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 23, 2020


Confucius Museum in Qufu, East China's Shandong province [Photo/WeChat account: Jiningfabu]

A total of 12 museums in the province of Shandong were recently listed as national first-class museums by the Chinese Museums Association.

The museums include the Confucius Museum, Jinan Museum, Shandong University Museum, Tsingtao Beer Museum, Linyi Museum, Jining Museum, and Zibo Ceramics Museum.

Shandong now has a total of 18 national first-class museums, tying for first place with Beijing.

The Chinese Museums Association recently released the fourth list of the country's first, second, and third-level museums, with 74 museums accredited as first-level, 221 as second-level, and 225 as third-level.

Thirty-three museums in Shandong were listed as second-level, while 54 were listed as third-level.