Shandong's sports industry thrives

(| Updated : 2024-06-14

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The sports industry in Shandong province has witnessed sustained growth in recent years, demonstrating a strong upward trajectory. In 2022, the total scale of the province's sports industry reached 423.98 billion yuan ($58.4 billion). This year, Shandong has already confirmed that it will host 1,071 major sporting events, including 26 international and 253 national events.

Last year, the province successfully organized 30 international and 310 national sporting events.

It also actively cultivated its own branded events and widely promoted activities for the masses. Statistics reveal that over 50,000 mass sporting events were held across the province, attracting more than 7 million participants.

Shandong currently boasts 278,400 sports venues, with an area of 295 million square meters, and a per capita sports venue area of 3.25 square meters, all of which are higher than the national average.

The province places great emphasis on nurturing event organizers and cultivating target audiences. It supports capable industry-leading enterprises and large State-owned enterprises in developing the sports industry, and also supports sports manufacturing companies in expanding into the operation and management of sporting events. Shandong currently boasts 50,600 sports industry market entities, ranking second in the country, with over 7,000 entities specializing in event organization.

Moving forward, Shandong will actively adapt to the new trend of consumption upgrading and adhere to the principles of upholding tradition while embracing innovation.

By continuously enhancing the brand influence of Shandong's sporting events, optimizing the event organization environment, exploring new drivers for sporting events, vigorously promoting sports consumption, and leveraging the influence of branded sporting events, the province aims to empower the high-quality development of its sports economy.