Intl students from Zibo show passion for Chinese traditional culture

(| Updated : 2024-06-13

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A group of international students from Shandong University of Technology learn to make zongzi during an event in Zibo. [Photo provided to]

A group of international students from Shandong University of Technology took part in a series of colorful activities exploring traditional Chinese culture on June 6 and 7.

Zongzi, or glutinous rice dumplings, is a symbol of Chinese traditional culture. At the event, international students learned how to wrap zongzi from local residents, giving them the chance to personally experience this ancient Chinese custom.

"The process of wrapping zongzi is very interesting. Although the process seems simple, it requires a lot of skill and patience," said Guli, a student from Kyrgyzstan.

In addition to making zongzi, the event also included activities such as sachet-making and Peking Opera performances.

The students all expressed that by making their own scented sachets, they gained a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture and a more profound appreciation for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Local Peking Opera enthusiasts performed the Peking Opera Xie Yaohuan for the international students. Moroccan student Harrak Yousra, dressed in Peking Opera attire, performed with the teachers, earning nonstop applause from the audience.

The Dragon Boat Festival event allowed international students to experience and better understand Chinese traditional culture, while also providing a platform for cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.