Shandong's cherry charm fuels cultural and tourism boom

(| Updated : 2024-06-04

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In recent years, several cities in Shandong province have embraced the cherry industry as a key driver of their local economies. The annual output of cherries has steadily increased, and with cherry-themed tourism initiatives, these regions are offering visitors a unique and enriching experience.


Freshly picked cherries from Fushan district, Yantai, glisten in vibrant red. [Photo/WeChat account: fsxcbfzfs]

Renowned for its abundance of juicy fruits, Yantai recently kicked off its 18th Yantai Cherry Festival in Fushan district, heralding the onset of a delightful cherry harvest season.

The festival features a diverse range of activities, including cherry contests, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, photography and short video competitions, and a cherry promotion event on e-commerce platforms.


A highlight of the event is a thrilling half-marathon race with over 900 participants from across the nation. Starting and ending at the festival grounds, the 20-kilometer racecourse saw runners treated to no shortage of cherries. [Photo/WeChat account: fsxcbfzfs]

Xiawei town in Linyi boasts a rich cherry-growing history spanning over a century, making it one of the largest cherry production areas in terms of both scale and yield in Linyi. Every May and June, the town welcomes an influx of tourists eager to immerse themselves in the cherry-picking experience.

To cater to this growing demand, Xiawei town has established a dedicated cherry-themed tourism zone, where visitors can not only indulge in the joy of cherry-picking but also relax in the shade under trees, savor authentic local cuisine, and embrace the simple pleasures of agritourism.

In Yanya town, Yiyuan county, Zibo, the cherry industry has taken on a festive spirit with the introduction of cherry selection competitions and e-commerce initiatives aimed at supporting local farmers. These initiatives have played a pivotal role in expanding market reach and opening up new avenues for cherry sales.