Changle Watermelon Festival celebrates sweet success in Weifang

(| Updated : 2024-05-22

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The Changle Watermelon Festival took place in Changle county, Weifang, Shandong province, on May 18.

Serving as a major platform for showcasing new watermelon varieties and innovative cultivation techniques and facilitating trade and cooperation, this year's festival featured 11 exciting events, attracting over 300 watermelon varieties from across the country.

The highlight of the festival was the China (Changle) "Good Watermelon" Competition, which featured four categories: the medium-sized watermelon comprehensive group, the small-sized watermelon comprehensive group, the large-sized watermelon weight group, and the artistic watermelon group. Over 60 enterprises and planters participated in the competition, with professional judges meticulously evaluating the watermelons based on their sugar content, appearance, and overall quality.

Changle county is renowned for its exceptional watermelon production, which is attributed to a unique combination of factors. The region boasts rare ancient volcanic relics, whose eruptions 18 million years ago formed soil rich in nutrients and a high-quality water source.

Coupled with advanced cultivation techniques and the meticulous care of farmers, these elements have given rise to Changle watermelons' remarkable qualities: early maturity, thin skin, and a delightful sweetness.

Changle county currently cultivates an estimated 160,000 mu (10,666 hectares) of watermelons annually, producing over 600,000 metric tons of the fruit valued at over 2 billion yuan ($276 million).

The Changle Watermelon Festival has been held for a number of years, showcasing over 4,200 watermelon varieties to date. It serves as a powerful driving force for accelerating the adoption of new varieties and technologies, propelling the high-quality development of the watermelon industry.

A diverse array of watermelons is on display at the event. [Photo provided to]

The watermelons at the event come in a variety of intriguing shapes. [Photo provided to]