Conference sees Shandong, Hong Kong forge ahead with sci-tech innovation

(| Updated : 2024-05-29

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The 2024 Shandong-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Conference, part of the 2024 Hong Kong-Macao-Shandong Week, was held on May 28 in Hong Kong, during which 36 technology-related demands, 627 talent-related demands, and 15 investment attraction-related demands were announced for Hong Kong.

Twelve projects were unveiled and signed into effect, with an expected investment of 1.8 billion yuan ($248 million), promoting the industrialization and commercialization of 130 key technologies and attracting over 300 high-level talents to Shandong.

Ren Youqun, Party secretary of Shandong University, said that SDU will use the conference as an opportunity to join hands with universities and research institutes in Shandong and Hong Kong to boost technological innovation.

"Shandong University prioritizes cooperation with Hong Kong's education, culture, and technology sectors, having established academic connections with all eight UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong and achieved fruitful results," he added.

Prof S Joe Qin, president of Lingnan University, also delivered a keynote speech during the event.

He said that Lingnan University will sign framework cooperation agreements and memoranda with key enterprises in Shandong, such as Shandong Hi-Speed Group, as well as the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute.

He looks forward to leveraging each other's strengths in talent, technology and industry to build new research institutions, accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of scientific achievements and nurture a group of high-quality talent.

He hopes to collaborate on key projects in green low-carbon, artificial intelligence, new materials and biomedical engineering, promoting the industrialization and commercialization of Lingnan University's achievements to help Shandong create a new green low-carbon image.

Ren Youqun, Party secretary of Shandong University, delivers a speech during the event. [Photo/Dazhong News]

Representatives attend the project signing ceremony at the event. [Photo/Dazhong News]