Peonies boost Heze enterprise development

(| Updated : 2024-05-17

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Heze Yao and Shun Peony Biotechnology Co Ltd, founded in 2011 in Heze, is dedicated to the deep processing, research, production, and sales of peony-based products.


Peony seed oil, a signature product produced by the company. [Photo/Dazhong News]

Its extensive product portfolio encompasses nine categories, including peony functional health foods, dietary supplements, ordinary foods, skincare products, and oral health products, comprising a total of 159 individual items with a production value exceeding 10 billion yuan ($1.38 billion).

The company is the nation's largest peony deep processing enterprise and has the most comprehensive production and research facilities of any company of its kind. It even participated in drafting national and industrial standards for peony seed oil.

With over 60 identified nutritional components in peony seed oil, the company revolutionized extraction techniques, abandoning the traditional pressing method in favor of the internationally acclaimed supercritical technology.

This innovative approach yields higher oil extraction rates and superior oil quality, while simultaneously maximizing the value of peony seed oil and facilitating the development of associated healthcare and cosmetic products.

Since its inception, the company has forged close partnerships with renowned institutions and universities, including Beijing Forestry University, Shandong University, and Jiangnan University. These collaborations have established a long-lasting industry-academia-research cooperation system, enabling the company to extract further economic benefits from peonies.

In recent years, Heze has steadfastly adhered to the principles of marketization, industrialization, and internationalization, promoting the deep integration of peony cultivation, processing, trade, and cultural tourism, continuously elevating the peony industry.