Binzhou beefs up high-quality industrial chains

(| Updated : 2024-05-11

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Binzhou, in East China's Shandong province, has been enhancing its featured whole industrial chains to strengthen its high-quality development.


Various wheat products are displayed at Zhongyu Food Co Ltd. [Photo/]

Zhongyu Food Co Ltd, a leading producer of wheat products in the city, boasts a closed-loop wheat circular industrial chain with seamless upstream and downstream integration.

Covering several major sectors, including breeding, planting, ecological aquaculture, vegetable cultivation, processing, and catering, Zhongyu's full-value utilization of wheat yields 9,140 yuan ($1,264) per metric ton, representing a 2.5-fold increase compared to traditional processing that generates approximately 3,700 yuan per ton.

The complete wheat industrial chain not only boosts Binzhou's economic development, but also demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

"During wheat processing, leftovers such as pot ale, biogas residue and liquid waste are transformed for pig breeding or to produce biomethane and organic fertilizers. This approach can effectively tackle pollution in both processing and farming," said Fu Rui, deputy general manager of Zhongyu Food Co Ltd.

In the city's Yangxin county, the beef cattle industrial chain is highly diversified and has a total output of 60 billion yuan, creating jobs and increasing incomes for nearly 120,000 people.

The by-products of the beef cattle industry also contribute to the industry's overall value. In the county, 34 cattle hide processing enterprises process 15 million sheets of cowhide annually, which are sold around the country, said Kan Yumeng, deputy director of Yangxin's animal husbandry and veterinary management service center.

Featured whole industrial chains in Binzhou, a city located in the heart of the Yellow River Delta that boasts exceptional natural advantages with its rich soil and abundant water resources, have created new patterns for the city's high-quality development and created strong impetus for industrial growth.

Bread products represent one end of Zhongyu's wheat industrial chain. [Photo/]

Beef cattle in Yangxin county's Yiliyuan Ranch are equipped with electronic ear tags, each linked to a unique ID for whole-process traceability. [Photo/]

Decorations made from cattle bone are showcased at Yangxin's national modern beef cattle industrial park. [Photo/]