Characteristic agricultural products drive Dongying's rural vitalization

(| Updated : 2024-04-25

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Lush watermelons embody the rich agricultural bounty of the Lanhai Yiyuan Ecology Base in Dongying district. [Photo provided to]

Freshly harvested strawberries offer a burst of summery delight. [Photo provided to]

In the strawberry picking garden at the Lanhai Yiyuan Ecology Base in Dongying district, Dongying, Shandong province, vibrant red strawberries appear radiant amidst the lush green leaves. According to Sun Yanchun, the base manager, the base has a total of 42 greenhouses for fruits and vegetables. Since January of this year, the strawberries have been ripening, with many visitors coming to pick and savor the fresh produce. The base receives over 200 visitors daily.

In a grape greenhouse at a family farm in Shengjia village of Dongying district, plump selenium-rich grapes adorn the vines. Through countless trials and errors, the farmers have mastered selenium-rich grape cultivation, including temperature and humidity control, leaf-to-fruit ratio, fruit-to-fertilizer ratio, water-to-fertilizer ratio, and selenium nutrient solution preparation. The selenium content of the grapes has met the required standards for three consecutive years.

In recent years, Dongying district has prioritized the development of distinctive rural industries as a key strategy for boosting rural vitalization. The district has vigorously developed modern characteristic agriculture as well as explored and developed agricultural tourism and agricultural picking projects. By developing diverse forms of characteristic agriculture, the district aims to promote the healthy development of industries, helping the surrounding residents find employment and increase their incomes.

Dongying district has focused on cultivating characteristic agricultural product brands and promoting the development of characteristic agricultural products. To strengthen the promotion of agricultural product brands, enterprises in the district have participated in various exhibitions and forums since the beginning of last year. The district also encourages agricultural products to join online sales platforms to expand and smooth out agricultural product sales channels.