Salt-alkaline lands sprout new hope in Dongying

(| Updated : 2024-04-15

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In the salt-alkaline potato planting fields of Tingluo town, Lijin county, a flurry of activity is underway. Potato planters work tirelessly, assisted by human hands, to efficiently complete the process of ditching, ridging, planting, and mulching. Within half a day, about one acre of land is transformed into a sea of potato seedlings.

Dongying, a city in East China's Shandong province, is home to a vast expanse of alkaline land, posing significant challenges for agricultural utilization. Harnessing this land for productive use holds immense strategic importance for ensuring national food security. Recognizing this potential, Lijin county has led the way in reclaiming salty land through technological and methodological innovations, establishing a practical and scalable approach for comprehensive utilization and thus contributing to national food security.

This year, Dongying has initiated the large-scale expansion of potato cultivation on salt-alkaline soils. The initiative leverages new agricultural business entities to establish moderately scaled planting operations, accelerating the construction of demonstration bases for salt-tolerant potato cultivation. Meanwhile, it is promoting the demonstration and extension of salt-tolerant potato varieties and technologies, aiming to enhance the brand influence of salt-alkaline potatoes. Dongying's salt-alkaline potato planting area is currently 6,313 mu (420.86 hectares).

Moving forward, Dongying plans to strengthen its guidance and services, dispatching agricultural experts to the frontlines of production to help farmers refine management practices, standardized production methods, and order-based sales strategies. These efforts are aimed at ensuring stable yields and increasing the incomes of potato growers.