The 3rd Hanfu Huazhao Festival kicks off in Dongying

(| Updated : 2024-03-29

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The 3rd Hanfu Huazhao Festival kicked off on March 23 at the Sun Tzu Cultural Park in Guangrao county, Dongying, Shandong province, and will run until April 21.


The 3rd Hanfu Huazhao Festival kicks off with a grand opening ceremony at the Sun Tzu Cultural Park on March 23. [Photo provided to]

The Huazhao Festival, which has a history of over 2,000 years, is held in celebration of the flower goddess' birthday. According to ancient beliefs, the flower goddess controlled the reproduction of mankind, and it later became a custom to celebrate her birthday as a way to wish for prosperity.

On the first day of the festival alone, the Sun Tzu Cultural Park received over 10,000 visitors. With spring flowers in full bloom, the park is now a vibrant tapestry of colors, offering a unique blend of hanfu culture, traditional music and dance, poetry, and intangible cultural heritage.

Throughout the festival, a series of 10 immersive performances will take place, each centering on a different cultural theme. The performances include "The Descent of the Flower Goddess," "Praying for Blessings with a Hundred Flowers," "Grand Parade of a Hundred Flowers," and "Water Wedding".

In addition, top hanfu influencers from across China have been invited to further enrich the festival, which has been carefully curated to provide visitors with a multi-faceted experience that celebrates the beauty of spring and the rich cultural heritage of China.

In recent years, Huazhao Festival celebrations have gained popularity across China. The Hanfu Huazhao Festival at the Sun Tzu Cultural Park has established itself as one of the most influential events of its kind in Shandong province, attracting visitors from around the country and immersing them in the beauty of hanfu culture and the splendor of springtime.


Actors dressed in traditional costumes perform a parade on the water. [Photo provided to]