​Zibo opens Nishan House in Madagascar

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-03-29

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Zibo, Shandong province establishes a Nishan House bookshop in the Haute Matsiatra district of Madagascar. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Zibo, Shandong province recently established a Nishan House bookshop in the Haute Matsiatra district of Madagascar.

The bookshop is stocked with brochures promoting Zibo as well as books and other promotional materials exploring both the culture and tourist attractions in the city and Shandong as a whole, which has sparked great interest among the residents of the Haute Matsiatra district.

Kadafu, after visiting the book shop for the first time, said, "Through vivid illustrations and text, I have gained an understanding of China's economic and social development, which I find fascinating, as if I were personally experiencing it. It has given me a new understanding and perspective on China and Chinese culture. I hope to have the opportunity to visit Zibo in the future and experience the local culture up close."

The Nishan House bookshop is a way for Shandong to deepen cultural exchanges with other countries as well as an important platform for cultural engagement between Zibo and other cities.

After the establishment of the Nishan House bookshop, Zibo will regularly provide Chinese books and promotional materials tailored to the needs and reading habits of readers in the Haute Matsiatra district.

The city will also organize cultural exchange activities at the bookshop, allowing more local residents to gain an in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese culture and learn about Zibo, a historical and culturally-rich city. This will further promote the spread of Shandong culture to the world and facilitate cultural exchange and mutual learning between Zibo and the Haute Matsiatra district.