Jinan ICH practitioners present artworks in US

(chinadaily.com.cn)| Updated : 2024-03-22

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A cultural tourism promotion event was held at the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, the United States, from March 7 to 10, with Jinan intangible cultural heritage practitioners participating.

Hou Zhixin, a provincial-level representative practitioner of Hou's Shehuo mask, a folk art form that has been passed down in Jinan and the surrounding areas for over 200 years, showcased popular masks of hero figures, including Sun Wukong, a popular hero from the Chinese novel Journey to the West, and heroes from Western culture like Spider-Man, which captivated the local audience.

Wang Tao, a representative practitioner of Jinan paper-cutting, also participated in the event, bringing artworks showcasing Jinan landmarks like Daming Lake and Baotu Spring, and famous poets like Li Qingzhao and Xin Qiji, both of whom lived during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

During the event, Hou's Shehuo mask art piece "Da Yu" and paper-cutting artwork "Flowers of Jinan" were collected and commemorated by the San Francisco Public Library.

"This is my third time visiting the United States as a Jinan paper-cutting artist. For this event, I created a collection of paper-cut works that encapsulate the scenery of Shandong. I also crafted paper-cutting artworks of the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street of San Francisco. I hope to showcase the vitality of Chinese culture through vibrant traditional art, promoting traditional Chinese culture to the world," Wang said.

Visitors admire the Jinan paper-cutting artworks by Wang Tao in San Francisco, US. [Photo/Jinan Daily]

Hou Zhixin (left) showcases Hou's Shehuo masks to visitors in San Francisco, US. [Photo/Jinan Daily]