Shandong paves way for regional development

(| Updated : 2023-11-10

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The urban view of Rizhao city in Shandong. [Photo/IC]

Shandong province has cultivated a range of well-known brands across several sectors including manufacturing, tourism, culture, agriculture and food. The "Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong" brand strategy has now become a key engine for driving the province's high-quality growth.

The "Friendly Shandong" brand strategy has a long-standing history, embodies the grandeur of Shandong culture and the magnanimity of the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, and is accompanied by the enthusiasm of the Shandong people as well as the magnificent landscapes of Shandong.

The "Remarkable Shandong" is a regional public brand that has been gaining popularity in Shandong since 2021. It reflects the overall image of Shandong's products, projects, and service brands.

Shandong has implemented strategies to develop distinctive regional brands that are nationally and globally recognized, and encapsulate the unique characteristics of Shandong. These efforts have been meticulously planned and executed to ensure continuous progress and success.

Since the establishment of "Chinese Brands Day" by the State Council in 2017, there has been a significant increase in public awareness and recognition of the importance of branding. This has become a critical factor not only in the transformation of the manufacturing industry but also in the upgrading of consumption patterns.